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Saint Therese of Lisieux Feast Day

Saint ThereseToday is the Feast day of Saint Therese of Lisieux, a 19th century Carmelite nun, and Doctor of the Church. Saint Therese comes from a very devout Catholic family, where her parents, Marie-Azelle Guerin and Louis Martin, are also canonized saints of the Church. She was one of nine children, of which four died in childhood. Her remaining siblings were four sisters, who also became nuns.

Saint Therese and Her “Little Way”

Saint Therese is known for her “Little Way” – a way of simplicity and humility in serving Our Lord in the most mundane ways. For example, Saint Therese found value in doing the dishes without complaint. Although a Doctor of the Church, Therese was not a scholar of theology. Having lived only to the age of twenty-four, her education was not that extensive. Therefore, her “Little Way” is more of an example for all of us; educated and uneducated. Therese shows us how to honor God with all tasks. For, when we do our work for the benefit of others, we have charity in our heart.  Following the “Little Way” is the path to sainthood.

Throughout her young life, Saint Therese expressed a “zeal” for Christ, always wanting to please Him, by doing what was right and good. From a very early age, she felt the call to become a Carmelite nun. That zeal, turned into persistence, for nothing would stand in the way of Therese doing God’s will to become a nun. She focused on becoming a saint. She clearly understood that only perfected souls can see the face of God. Therefore, she began her goal of achieving sainthood, while on earth. Therese always kept her eyes on the prize – eternal life with God.

Let’s follow in Saint Therese’s footsteps and always keep our eyes on the prize, too. Saint Therese, please pray for us. Amen.

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  • Saint Therese has always been the patron saint of the women in my family. We have called upon her many times in times of trouble and joy. I believe that she has always helped us in whatever we have asked of her.

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