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Saint Teresa of Calcutta, Pray for Us

St. Teresa of Calcutta Today is a glorious day because Teresa of Calcutta is officially a saint, having been canonized yesterday! She died 19 years ago today at the age of 87. How fitting that such a short time passed from her death to her canonization; for she was truly holy and faithful. Her joyful spirit and love for Christ and his mother, Mary radiated from her at all times. Her determination to keep Christ at the forefront of her life, even when darkness and struggles surrounded her, is a testament to her faith. Always putting others first, her humility became her hallmark. Beloved by Catholics and admired greatly by non-Catholic Christians, Teresa of Calcutta was a true witness for Christ.

Yesterday, Pope Francis entered her name in the Book of Saints. Therefore, we now we have one more powerful advocate interceding on our behalf. During Teresa’s lifetime her goal was to satiate Christ’s thirst for souls. Something tells me that even in the afterlife, Saint Teresa of Calcutta continues to work to quench Christ’s thirst for souls. How so? By praying for us. Her hope to bring souls to Christ does not diminish now that she herself is in Heaven. Rather, my guess is that her quest simply kicks itself up a notch or two!

Teresa of Calcutta, Ready to Serve

Ever more fervent in prayer, we can count on Saint Teresa of Calcutta to pray for each one of us. All you have to do is ask for her intercession with God on your behalf, to bring you closer to Christ. She now has direct access to God; that’s what sainthood means! You can count on this petite, giant of a saint to come through for you; for her life’s goal, has now become her goal for eternity. She is ready and waiting for you to ask for her assistance. Her line is now open!

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