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Saint Mark, Gospel Writer, Evangelist

Saint MarkI have a special affinity for Saint Mark, especially for his writing style. Like Saint Mark, I try to say what I need to say in as few words as possible. When reading the Gospel of Mark, you find crisp, clear passages, delivered with precision; no fluff.

As an evangelist, Saint Mark was the first to document the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. He considered his Gospel as a message, or announcement, of the Good News of Jesus’ salvific actions. In true evangelical form, the message, as documented, is timeless. Consider this: Within the Gospel of Mark, Jesus asks 42 questions. Here’s just a few:

  1. Who are my mother and brothers? (Mark 3:33)
  2. Why are you terrified? Do you not yet have faith? (Mark 4:40)
  3. Who do people say that I am? (Mark 8:27)
  4. What do you wish me to do for you? (Mark 10:51)
  5. Why are you testing me? (Mark 12:15-16)

Saint Mark: My Inspiration!

Over the next few months, as we traverse through the Year B cycle of Gospel readings from Saint Mark, I will address these questions and many more, here on my website. The goal is to help you to see the timelessness of the Gospels; the timelessness of Jesus! If Jesus were standing in front of you today, asking you any of the five questions I note above, how would you respond? Two thousand year later, Saint Mark still gives us pause to reflect upon Jesus’ words, and to discern our answers. For example, if we were to address Jesus, we would tell Him that our Mother is Mary and our brothers are our neighbors, for Jesus called us to “Love thy neighbor” (Mark 12:31).

Thank you, Saint Mark, for chronicling the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. May God’s favor shine upon you. Please pray for us.

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