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Rudeness Gets You Nowhere!

RudenessHave you ever found that being rude served you well? I seriously doubt it! Why? Because rudeness gets you nowhere and serves no good purpose. If you find that others become offended by what you say and/or what you do, then you need to ask yourself why. Could it be because you made a rude remark or act? Rudeness does not increase your friends list or garner you any respect. So, why not make a change?

Eliminate Rudeness by Embracing Courtesy

Consider embracing courtesy. Here are some ways that you can make that happen:

  • Rather than acting rude, be polite and respectful toward others. By doing so, you will see politeness and respect returned to you.
  • Also, be considerate of others in both your acts and expression. Be Rather than pushing someone out of the way, so that you can proceed through the door first, hold the door open for the other person to enter first.
  • Act out of a sense of charitable love in all that you do. By doing so, your heart will melt with love returned to you.
  • Avoid embarrassment for yourself and others by remaining tactful and respectful of other’s decisions and opinions. By doing so, you lessen the need for apologies.
  • Honor your elders. Sassy talk serves no purpose. Our elders have Wisdom to share with us. They deserve our respect and attention.
  • Maintain reverence with God. If you can see God in everyone you meet, you will be less likely to act in a rude manner toward others.

If you were to act upon any, or all, of these suggestions, then you will see a change in your own thoughts and behaviors. You will become more virtuous and that will attract others to you like flies to honey!

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