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Rightfully Ours, by Carolyn Astfalk – Book Review

Rightfully Ours Rightfully Ours, by Carolyn Astfalk, rightfully belongs on your “Want to Read” list! In Astfalk’s third Christian fiction novel, she introduces us to two teenagers: Rachel Mueller and Paul Porter. At the beginning of the book, when Rachel and Paul meet, they are only 14 and 16, respectively. Throughout the story, we see a deep friendship blossom between the two characters. As they get to know each other, we see that friendship grow into love, young love.

Rightfully Ours deals with the virtue of chastity head on; yet in a manner that would make any teen want to be like Rachel and Paul. These two characters serve as excellent role models for teenagers coming to grips with burgeoning love and sexual desire, contrasted against all that they have been taught concerning morals and virtue.

I found Rightfully Ours enchanting, with a little bit of mystery. As the story unfolds, Rachel and Paul discover more than each other. They enjoy digging around in Rachel’s garden, only to discover something very interesting. Can’t give too much away, but let me say that what they found is very interesting, for it had the capacity to change their lives. As I continued to read, I wondered how they might handle such responsibility.

As I turned each page, I kept wondering if Paul and Rachel would remain true to their morals, or give in to societal pressures. They were only teenagers. What endeared me to this story is that as I continued to read the book, I learned that Rachel and Paul would come to discover that their love for each other is worth more than any earthly treasure, and that their chastity was priceless.

If you have a pre-teen, or teenager, then you NEED to get a copy of this book. Read it yourself, first, then pass it on to your child. This wonderful story can serve as the impetus for having that all too uncomfortable, yet necessary talk with your child. Using Catholic fiction, with characters that your child can relate to, will make that talk go much more smoothly, for having read this book.

How to Get Your Copy of Rightfully Ours

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10 Responses to Rightfully Ours, by Carolyn Astfalk – Book Review

  • Thanks so much for your lovely review, Ginny! So glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for being a proponent of the virtues!

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  • I would love to win the autographed edition 🙂

    I definitely agree with your assessment that this is an excellent book for parents to read first, then pass along to their teenage children. There’s a lot of material for discussion there!

  • If you want most teens to read a romance, it is essential that the protagonists are like the teens. Rachel and Paul come across as real people who face realistic “temptations.” In some ways, they benefit from “luck” if luck includes the early return of the Muellers from their outing and Rachel’s accident. Both events give Paul and Rachel a chance to consider the consequences of actions not taken and the realization of their mortality.

    I’d aim at the kids reading it first. There may be some reluctance to read something recommended by parents. Let the kids meet Rachel and Paul as they would any other kid.

  • The review makes the book sound great! In addition to cheering for the virtues proposed, I would like to get a free copy!

  • Congratulations to Joe Atkinson on winning an autographed copy of Rightfully Ours by Carolyn Astfalk. And thanks to those who entered the giveaway. For those who didn’t win, or didn’t enter in time, I hope to see you online tonight for the book launch party on Facebook (link found within this post). You’ll have an opportunity to win a copy of Rightfully Ours this evening, along with any one of TEN other books by fabulous authors! Join us, as it promises to be an evening of fun!

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