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Remaining in Jesus’ Love

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We remain in Jesus’ love by keeping His commandments; the Ten Commandments as well as the Greatest Commandments addressed in the Charity a.k.a. Love post. It is not always easy to stay on the straight and narrow path when following Christ. In fact, it is very difficult. What we are called to do, and to be is counter-cultural in today’s secular society. Yet that straight and narrow path is the path of Charity. We have a choice to make as to which road we will travel down. Maybe now, the banner photo for this website is beginning to have more meaning for you.



Two roads diverged in a wood,

And I – I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

–  Robert Frost


Which road will you take? The secular road, that is popular, autonomous, free-spirited and of this world? Or will you take the road less traveled?  The path of Charity, freely doing God’s will for the hope of partaking in eternal life in heaven? I for my part desire to go down the path of Charity. Will you join me? If you say yes to traveling down the path of Charity, then begin to think about everything that you say and do as being based on love for God and neighbor.


How difficult it is to love one’s enemies, yet that is what we are called to do, especially if we plan on traveling down the path of Charity. We’ll address that thought in our next reflection on the virtue of Charity.  Don’t miss it!

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