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Random Acts of Kindness – Are You In?


Random Acts of Kindness Week starts today and ends February 15th! Are you with me? Are you willing to perform random acts of kindness this week?

“Much unkindness results from envy.”1 If we cannot find it within ourselves to be kind to others, it is because we are too worried about what we do not have. Perhaps it’s not enough money, clothes, food, etc. Thus, we are reluctant to give from our excess, let alone our need. If we possess the virtue of kindness then we are willing to share with others, even from our meager means. Take a look at this video. It demonstrates that to be kind, you also need to be compassionate; to give of yourself to another:





Hits you in the gut, doesn’t it? It really makes you think: “How kind would I be if asked the same questions of me as in the video?” Perform random acts of kindness this week for those in need. Show your compassion. Give of yourself.

What about when someone is unkind to you; downright cruel? Why should you embrace kindness toward the offender?” Kindness pardons, for it is magnanimous and releases the offender; it trusts and always allows life to begin anew.” 2 Being unforgiving binds you to the prison of hatred. Let go; rise above; forgive with kindness and shine the light of Christ for all to see.

One day, (a long time ago), I was spewing words of retribution about a cruel act performed against me, when a very good friend said to me, “Sometimes, it is better to be kind than to be right.” I have since heard this popular quote many times. Today I share it with you. Think about the cruelty expressed towards you and acknowledge that the offender is suffering; show compassion and respond with kindness, because, sometimes it actually is better to be kind than to be right.

What are some practical ways to practice the virtue of kindness? We’ll address the answer to this question in our next reflection. Don’t miss it!

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13 Responses to Random Acts of Kindness – Are You In?

  • I do love that saying.
    It’s better to be kind than to be right.
    Kinda goes along with what I tell my son (he has Aspergers)…. Do you want to be right or do you want to have friends. I never heard it put the other way…. but boiling it down, it’s about kindness.
    Thanks Ginny!

  • Loved the video. it is always those who have less that give more, as they Trust that God will always provide. Great reminder.

    • That video really showed that for those in whom much has been given, much will be expected. To say no to a plea for help happens far too often. To say yes, when you have so little to share reminds me of the woman who gave her last coins from Luke 21:1-4.

  • That is all of us Ginny. We are so human… sigh.

    • The other interesting thing about that video is, the man in the food court doesn’t appear to need help therefore did not receive help. The obvious homeless people however looked like they needed help therefore were given it. So my point to ponder today is; how do we judge who is in need and worthy of help and who is not by appearance only? I say we cannot readily see the need in others therefore we should be ready and willing to give to all, even if that is just the dignity of listening.

      There is a lot in this little video to ponder.

      • How insightful Lori! I myself, have been the guilty party in the food court piece of the video – making judgments that should not be made and saying no when asked for food. I have a very good friend, the very friend mentioned in this post, who said to me once when I asked her why she was so giving to strangers, “It’s not my place to judge. If that person is scamming me, then He will answer to God for his actions. I have to answer to God for mine.” This friend is a gem!

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  • Ginny you are such a treasure and these posts are so touching. Heartfelt thanks to you. Miss you, but enjoy being connected here. I loved the video! I certainly have something to learn from it.

  • Wow! I am in even though I saw this late. It tore at my heart. Thank you for sharing this with us. And thank you for explain the verse” give of what sustains you” is more than about money. God bless you. I’m praying for you to have wider ministry because your gift is sorely needed.

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