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The Purpose of Birthdays: Showing Love

Birthdays Today marks my husband’s 64th birthday! So, I take this opportunity to wish Nick a very Happy Birthday. Have you ever wondered why we mark birthdays as a time to celebrate the passing of another year? If we gave it some thought, a birthday means that we have one less year to live on earth. We have one less year to accomplish our goals. Yet, birthdays are meant to be celebrated. Why? Because it is a very good way to show love to those we hold most dear. It’s a day to place a loved one upon a pedestal; to show that person how much they mean to us.

God’s Desire

As humans, we are born into families. Families act as our nucleus for love. Within families, we learn not only how to receive love, but to how to give love in return. God created humankind to live in community with each other, making us social beings yearning for love. The love that we extend to our family and friends is an extension of the love that God has for each of us. When we show our love for our family and friends, we show our love for God.

Birthdays and Love Go Together

So, today, I express my love for Nick. I’m thankful for the years I have been blessed to know and love him. And I can’t close this post without saying what I have been waiting to say for the past 40 years. In response to a question from an old Beatles song, “Yes, Nick, I still need you and I will still feed you, now that you’re 64!


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7 Responses to The Purpose of Birthdays: Showing Love

  • Thanks for this post and a Happy and Blessed 64th Birthday to Nick. In the Philippines, where I was based most of the time from 1971 until last month, there’s a strong element of gratitude to God for the gift of life on birthdays. Some families continue to celebrate the birthdays of deceased parents, for example.

    There are a number of versions of ‘When I’m 64’ on YouTube. Try this one by The Apollo Club.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_uk2LkW2tm8

  • Beautiful however many don’t know why celebrating birthday. It is intended to provide and share our love and appreciatition to our long time partners as well as friends.

  • Beautiful post! Please give my best regards to Nick. My husband’s birthday is this coming up this Thursday. I love celebrating birthdays and feel the same way you do about birthdays. After we were married, my husband was surprised to learn how important I believe birthdays to be, as his family rarely celebrated birthdays, while my family went all out for birthdays to let one another how valuable we were to one another. I am going to email him this story as it expresses my thoughts so well. Thank you, Ginny! 🙂

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