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Prudence – The Guide

Applying Prudence

Why is Prudence so important? Prudence guides the action of the individual so that virtuous action may occur. Prudence alone does not produce virtuous activity, but it does guide the individual to do what is morally right by informing the conscience of appropriate versus inappropriate behavior. Through the gift of Prudence, the individual conscience receives “God’s particular wisdom for …each just, brave and temperate action through the medium of correct moral reasoning.” 1

With your end goal always being Heaven, each individual intention and circumstance of your actions play a pivotal role. Therefore, seek harmony in your acts, intentions and circumstances, with your objective always being to seek the true good in every decision that you make. Do not delude yourself into thinking that inappropriate means could ever justify the end.

How much influence does Prudence have on our decision making process? We’ll discuss that question in our next reflection on the virtue of Prudence. Don’t miss it!


1 Cessario, Romano. The Moral Virtues and Theological Ethics, 2nd Ed. p. 23.  Notre Dame: Notre Dame University Press, 2009, Print.

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