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Practicing Discernment – Part IV of IV


Pillar #1 – Faith! Pillar #2 – Prayer! Pillar #3 – Reason! What is the fourth and final pillar in the discernment process? Patience! Going back to my example of my home purchase from 2010 (from my last post), great patience was required. We had sold the old house; had a closing date, and five days before closing, we find that our buyers wouldn’t be getting their mortgage. Now, we already had our bid accepted to buy our next home and a closing date set to correspond with the sale of our old house. We were packed and ready to go! When things fell through on the sale of the old house I began to wonder if I had discerned correctly the path we should take. I had my doubts, but something inside told me to go for it, and put the old house up on the market again and go ahead and close on the new home in the neighboring county. We were able to restructure a deal on the new house that would monetarily still work. In one month’s time, our old house was under contract again, this time with a buyer that would carry through with the deal. Take stock that this was all happening in the wake of the U.S. housing financial crisis. It took great faith, much prayer, application of logical reasoning and tremendous patience!!! Patience is definitely not my strong suit. I admit that I do not deal well with adversity or the unknown, but I am working on it. During this very trying time, I really had to lean on my faith. I prayed a lot! It was through prayers for patience and requests for God’s direction that I made it through this uncertain time.

With the four pillars of the discernment process in our tool belt, we can make good decisions that enrich not only our own lives, but those of our families, friends, and colleagues too. Therefore, have faith, pray, use logical reasoning, and be patient.  God’s will be done!

After seeking the Holy Spirit’s counsel, and discerning God’s will for our lives, we gain the virtue of knowledge, also a gift of the Holy Spirit. We’ll begin discussing Knowledge in our next reflection. Don’t miss it!

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