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Place Your Confidence in Christ

Confidence in Christ In what do you place your confidence? Might it be your own knowledge? Your abilities to conquer any situation? Where does Christ fit into the equation? Do you face this world on your own, or do you place your confidence in Christ?

When we place our confidence in Christ, we are in essence doing the following:

  1. Acknowledging Christ’s omnipotence (all-powerful Being), His omniscience (all-knowing), and His omnipresence (ability to be present everywhere). This requires some humility, acknowledging our own limitations.
  2. Trusting in His promise to always be by our sides, guiding us (Matt 28:20). This requires some faith, acknowledging His existence and Presence, as well as God’s desire to be in a relationship with each of us.
  3. Trusting in His promise to always provide for our needs (Matt 6: 25-34). This requires a sense of gratitude, acknowledging Christ’s blessings in our lives.

What does this tell us? That when we draw on other virtues, we find it easier to place our confidence in Christ. Jesus graces us with all the virtues that we need to draw closer to Him.

Placing Confidence in Christ

Let me ask you this: Do you believe in an afterlife? If you answered yes, then you believe in the concept of Heaven (and maybe you also believe in hell). If you can believe in an afterlife, do you also believe that God is extremely active in your earthly life? I recently had to wrestle with that second question, and came to realize that the answer is yes. God is extremely active in my earthly life, even when I am not cognizant of His involvement. He works silently, behind the scenes preparing my path. Therefore, it is up to me to act with humility, faith and gratitude, as I travel my own unique journey, placing my confidence in Christ. Will you join me on the journey? Will you place your confidence in Christ?

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