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Peace: Got to Get Me Some!

Christ's Peace

Christ’s Peace

Does it elude you? It seems that during this time of year, everyone wishes each other “Peace on earth” (Luke 2:14). Do you view this sentiment with hope, or do you think it falls flat?

If you have Christ’s Peace within your own heart, I think you view this sentiment with great aspirations of hope, because you wish for others what you possess for yourself. If it falls flat, then perhaps you do not have the amount of Christ’s Peace within your own heart that you desire.

How would you know if you actually had Christ’s Peace within your own heart? Well, for starters, you wouldn’t be as concerned about worldly affairs. You would know that God has everything under control, and that you need not worry about where your next meal comes from or where you will lay your head to rest at the end of the day (Matt 6:25-34). You would possess a childlike trust in Divine Providence; a carefree attitude – Peace.

It is when we can acknowledge through the eyes of faith, that God has everything under His control that we can rest secure in Christ’s Peace, trusting that God will take care of us and protect us. God only wants what is good for us. If we also want what is only good for us, and willingly give our hearts to God, we will be at peace, even in times of suffering.

In my own life, I walked away from a lucrative banking career, to become an evangelist for Christ. I could worry about finances, since I no longer bring in a sustainable income, or I can put my trust and faith in God to provide and protect me. I choose the latter. I focus my attention on how I can best serve the Lord, and I let Him do the rest. 

What about you? What worldly cares do you need to let go of to find your sense of peace? In what ways do you need to place more trust and faith in God?

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