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Pay Forward Your Gratitude

Pay Forward Your GratitudeI like the example set by Gov. Andrew Cuomo regarding the paying forward of gratitude. When Oregon supplied New York with 140 ventilators, so that New York could get through its peak of the coronavirus, Gov. Cuomo stated that he would pay it forward.  Since then, New York has shipped ventilators to multiple states. Finding ways to pay forward your gratitude is a virtue worth emulating.

Pay Forward Your Gratitude

When you feel grateful, how do you express your gratitude? There are many ways to do it, from sending a thank you note, to paying it forward. Think of the cancer survivor, filled with gratitude for having been cured of cancer. What does that person want to do? That cancer survivor wants to help those who come after them get to where they are at – free of cancer.  How do they do that? They mentor those going through the process now. Why? Well, they appreciated those who were there for them, when they needed assistance most. They pay it forward.

What about the students, grateful for the attention paid to them by their teachers? How do they express their gratitude? They go on to become teachers themselves. They pay it forward.

I have my own way of paying forward my own gratitude. In 2008, I needed two partial corneal transplants. How did I express my gratitude? I became an organ donor. I didn’t just tell my husband what I wanted, when I die. No, I went to the Division of Motor Vehicles and had the designation noted on my driver’s license. I owe my improved eyesight to two individuals, now in Heaven. I can’t thank them, or their families, enough. So, I will pay it forward.

What about you?  What are you grateful for, and how might you pay that gratitude forward? Give it some thought, and then take action. Helping others, like you were helped, is a wonderful thing.

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