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Our Moral Life in Christ – Book Review

Our Moral Life in Christ Our Moral Life in Christ – College Edition, by Father Peter V. Armenio, is an excellent book for anyone wanting to learn more about moral theology. We live in troubling times, asking ourselves what our world has come to these days. Where have our moral values gone as a society, with all of the terrorist attacks, mass shootings and lack of charity? If you are looking for ways to make this world a better place, then start by reading this book. Change comes from within. We need to look at ourselves first, before pointing the finger at others.

I use Our Moral Life in Christ – College Edition in teaching my Fundamentals of Catholic Moral Theology course at the undergraduate level. I find the text offers the sound basics of moral theology in ways that everyone can identify with within their own moral life. Father Armenio uses contemporary examples of moral virtue. At the same time, he combines those examples with the teaching of the Catholic Church. Once you have read each chapter/topic, you walk away with a better understanding of why the Church teaches what it teaches regarding moral theology.

Here’s just one gem of a quote to tell you what I mean:

God will always give us the grace to overcome temptations, avoid occasions of sin, and grow in virtue (Armenio p. 472).

I interpret this quote to mean that once I know my sins and their consequences, God graces me with all that I need to resist the sins. Father Armenio backs this quote with several passages from Scripture, where he calls out citations of individual sins; for example, just to name a few: adultery, fornication, homosexuality and prostitution, all noted in the Old Testament.

This book offers so much more. At the end of each chapter, Father Armenio provides:

  • Supplemental readings (passages from related Church documents, saints, popes, etc.) to drive the points home.
  • A vocabulary of terms that can be used as a handy reference.
  • Questions to ponder, that really get you thinking about how to apply the discussed concepts to your own moral life.
  • Related excerpts from the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
  • Practical exercises for application of moral theology concepts.

What Our Moral Life in Christ Can Do For You

Normally, I would not recommend a text book used at the undergraduate level to someone who stops by to read the latest post on my blog. However, this book is so chock-filled with all that you need to learn about how to turn from vice towards Christ, that I just had to recommend it. If you are serious about wanting to make some positive changes in your life and grow closer to Christ, then take the time to read this book.

If you would like to get a copy of this book, you can get your copy by clicking here.

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