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Our Lenten Journey – Check-In Time!

Our Lenten Journey

Can you believe it! We are already three weeks into Lent – half way through the Lenten season. I thought this would be a good time to check in with everyone to see how we are all doing with our Lenten sacrifices/growth in virtue.

Pope Francis gave us a challenge to give up “indifference” this Lent. As soon as I read this article I said, “Good idea, but this means that we will really need to strap on some virtue to accomplish this task.”

My Lenten Journey

As you may recall, my Lenten promise was to practice patience, and not lose my temper so quickly. I knew that much prayer would be needed. Knowing that the root cause for losing my patience happens to be pride, I keep asking God to chip away at the pride every day and to give me a clean and humble heart. Man, is He working hard on me! Be careful what you ask for, because He delivers!

Every day, God gives me ample opportunities to practice patience. (Notice that I used the plural tense of opportunity). Sometimes I succeed; sometimes I stumble. The goal here is to make progress; and I am making some progress.

Here’s one little success story: Last week I had to bring my car in for inspection, and then go to the local agency to renew my registration. Of course, when I got to the office to renew my registration there was a huge line. When my husband got home from work that evening, he asked if there was a line at the office, and I said “yes, but it went rather quickly and it wasn’t a big deal. I was on line for only about 20 minutes.” He replied, “Sounds like you are developing patience.” That was an aha moment for me. I have patience. Yea!

Even with my little successes, there are times when I stumble. I am not beating myself up when this happens. I simply recognize the missed opportunity. When I succeed, I am giving all praise to God. I am moving in the right direction, because I am trying and, that is all God asks of us.

And Your Lenten Journey?

So, how are you doing with your Lenten sacrifice/growth in virtue? Have you taken on Pope Francis’ suggestion to “fast from indifference?” If so, let us all know how you are doing. We can either commiserate with you if you are struggling, or feel inspired with hope because of your success. Please share.

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