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Our Lady of Fatima Feast Day & Call to Prayer

Our Lady of Fatima

Today is the feast of Our Lady of Fatima, marking the first of six visitations to three children in Fatima, Portugal. On May 13,1917, Lucia dos Santos, and Francisco and Jacinta Marto were tending their sheep when Mary first appeared to them, asking them to come to that same place on the 13th of every month for the next few months.

Our Lady of Fatima Calls Us to Pray the Rosary

In her visitations, Our Lady asked them to pray the Rosary daily to obtain peace. This request was made at the time of the first World War.

On her third visitation, Our Blessed Mother gave the children a prayer to recite. We now say this prayer at the end of each of the five decades of the Rosary:

Oh, my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell. Lead all souls to Heaven, especially those most in need of thy mercy.

In her apparitions, Our Blessed Mother continuously requested prayers for the reparation of sinners. Many times, when we recite the Rosary, we do just that; we pray for the reparation of those sinners in our own home and in our family, as we are all sinners.

My Inspiration to Pray the Rosary

About two years ago, I read Fatima, by Jean Heimann, and from that day forward I began to recite the Rosary daily. (You can read my full review of this book at the link provided). Jean’s book inspired me to pray the Rosary daily, and for that I am forever grateful to her. Perhaps, if you were to read Jean’s book on Our Lady of Fatima, then you, too, might be inspired to pray the Rosary daily. I am certain that this would make our Blessed Mother very happy.

Call to Prayer

Join me today, in my Call to Prayer, in praying the Rosary for the United States. If the Rosary is new to you, then check out my How-To Guide. Specifically, we will dedicate today’s Rosary with the following intentions for:

  1. Healing from the divisiveness and partisanship that plagues our nation.
  2. The opening of our hearts and minds to God’s Truth and Justice as He sees it, and not as we want to see it.
  3. The protection of our democracy from the forces of all evil.
  4. All our lawmakers, that they act in accordance with God’s will.
  5. Fortitude and Courage for each one of us to act in accordance with God’s will.

Please share this post with all your family, friends, and followers. Invite them to this event. Choose whatever time today, that suits your schedule, and pray as Mary asked the three children of Fatima to pray. Pray the Rosary, for our nation.

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