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One Nation, Under God; Our Pledge of Allegiance

one nation under God In the United States, when we pledge allegiance to our country, we declare, one nation, under God. In your mind, does that statement depict how we are behaving these days as citizens of the United States? My answer would be no.

I see a divided nation, not a united nation. I see individualism as the root cause for our division. As Americans we all want the same things: peace, prosperity, with liberty and justice for all – don’t we? Hmm… maybe we need to have a collective definition of these terms, rather than individualistic definitions. It seems that my definition of “peace, prosperity, with liberty and justice for all” may be different than yours, and therein lies the problem.

Peace is more than a lack of war time. Peace is a Christian way of living. It is a fruit of the Holy Spirit blossoming when we as Christians put others’ interests before our own; when we perform acts of charity.

Prosperity is more than money in the bank. Prosperity is spiritual riches as well; merits resulting from our works of charity. These spiritual riches are more valuable than any amount of money in the bank. Yet, as Americans there is so much more focus on materialistic wants and desires rather than spiritual riches. The tangible beats out the intangible every time. Is that because we are all too consumed with ourselves in the here and now, to even fathom the riches that lay beyond this life?

Liberty and Justice for all is more than one person acquiescing to the opinion of the masses. It is an acknowledgement and respect for one another when our religious beliefs differ. Are we really free when we condone laws and “rights” that directly conflict with God’s will, or do we become slaves to sin instead? Whether it be abortion, euthanasia or same-sex marriage, just to name a few laws, our one nation, under God is under attack from within when it comes to enacting laws that are in direct conflict with God’s will. How is that one nation, under God? Isn’t more like one nation sidestepping God’s law?

With the legality of abortion, euthanasia and same-sex marriage, we enacted federal laws that conflict with God’s Natural Law (Natural Law is given to each of us, by God, when we are born. It is an innate knowing of right from wrong, based upon the Ten Commandments). If our nation is truly “under God,” we should be putting God’s will first and foremost, as a nation, when enacting federal laws. In that way, when we say the Pledge of Allegiance, we really will be pledging our allegiance to “one nation, under God.”

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  • Amen Sister! We need to pray hard, keep abreast of current legislature and their promoters and speak out! Many of these laws you spoke about (ex. Same-sex marriages) were passed by Supreme Court ‘Catholics’ justices- especially Supreme Court Justice Kennedy! We need a revival of true faith in Christian hearts again. Not just here in the U.S. but everywhere there claims to be Christians. We have let heories in our churches by too many soft choices as to what ‘sin’ is in our lives. People from the opposition quote: ‘Jesus is love.’ Jesus is also God made man. And God had a lot to say about the prevalence of a sinful nation and lifestyles in the old testament. The standard hasn’t changed, only the way out of them has -through Jesus! And Jesus said love me by keeping the Commandments. Pray too, for more laborers; men, women and children who are not afraid to speak out, for how can conviction come if the Truth is not proclaimed? That is what convicted me. In the meantime, let us continue to clean our own lives to please our Risen Lord the more. Thank you for speaking out. May your witness prepare hearts for the Glory of God to receive the Truth! A mercy novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus will be started this Thursday July 7 for Trump. Hope you will participate with us.

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