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Obedience Has Its Place

Obedience Has Its PlaceAs a child, were you ever told to do something, and when you asked “Why?” you received this response: “because I said so!” If you were like me that response didn’t settle with you well. I’m the kind of person that needs rationale for compliance with obedience. Perhaps it’s a trust issue, or maybe a control issue. I’m not sure – maybe its both! But I do know this: Obedience has its place. There are times and/or reasons when obedience is called for and we must obey. For example:

  1. What happens when a person doesn’t follow traffic laws and runs a red light? Lives are put at risk. Therefore, we must obey traffic laws.
  2. If we do not follow the doctor’s orders, what happens? We may not get well, or worse, we might die. Therefore, we must obey the doctor’s orders.
  3. What could go wrong if we fail to follow our supervisor’s instructions? We could get written up, or worse, get fired, and lose our means for financial support. Therefore, we must obey our supervisors.

Obedience Has Its Place

We seem to easily understand the need for obedience in our everyday lives as we interact with fellow members of society.  But, why is it so difficult to understand the need to obey God? It is because we were born with concupiscence (the tendency to sin). Yet, with God, obedience definitely has its place. God gave us the Ten Commandments and expects us to obey them. So, in my childlike voice, I ask God, “Why?” I hear God’s response as, “Because by following these commands you will live in happiness while on earth, and with Me for all eternity.” My response: “Good reason God! I’m all in.” I can see where obedience has its place in my relationship with the Father. Can you see it, too?

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  • Thanks, Ginnie, for this beautiful article. I’ll be sharing to my FB friends and to our Catechists. Thanks as well for all other blogs you shared. I am getting them and they are regular food for thoughts for me that I’m sharing also to others. Keep touching lives with these selfless efforts. Let’s keep each other in prayers and commit our ministries to Jesus. Let’s continue to be blessed and be a blessing to others. God be with us always.

    • Sister Zeny: Your words are a result of the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, because I needed to read these words. I’ve been wondering, lately, if my posts are doing any good. Your comment gives me the affirmation needed. Thank you! I will keep you in my prayers, and thank you for doing the same. – Peace, Ginny

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