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Molly McBride and the Party Invitation – Book Review

Molly McBride and the Party Invitation Molly McBride is back! I was so excited to see Molly McBride and the Party Invitation, by Jean Schoonover-Egolf hit the shelves. This is Egolf’s third installment, in the Molly McBride series. I’m a big fan of Molly McBride, as I love her spunky attitude. I’ve enjoyed reading all three books, courtesy of Egolf. You can read my review of the first two books here.

Molly McBride and the Party Invitation

Now, let’s talk about Molly McBride and the Party Invitation. In this installment, Molly’s birthday is about to occur, and of course, we must have a party! Yet, Momma says that ALL of Molly’s classmates MUST be invited to the party. That includes that mean boy, named Sam. If Sam comes to the party, he’ll ruin it! What is Molly to do? How can she have a great party, AND make sure that Sam doesn’t come?

What ensues is a tale of conscience awakening for little Molly. Not only is this story about the virtue of Charity (loving one’s enemies), but we also see the virtues of Prudence and Justice at work. As Molly goes through a spell of angst over “misplacing” Sam’s invitation, guilt assuages her. How will Molly rectify the situation, so that she can actually enjoy her party? What is the right thing to do?

Jean Schoonover-Egolf, A Virtuous Author

Egolf has a way of bringing home truth to children, that fosters growth in virtue; while at the same time entertaining them with a wonderful story. Her illustrations are whimsical. Egolf’s wonderful sense of humor also bubbles to the surface, through the character of Molly McBride. If you want to teach your child how to be virtuous, without coming across as preachy, then I highly recommend buying this book! Oh, I can’t wait for the fourth installment! But, in the meantime, let’s party!

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