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Molly McBride and the Christmas Pageant – Book Review

Molly McBride and the Christmas PageantJean Schoonover-Egolf does it again, with the fourth installment of the Molly McBride series. She continuously brings entertaining, yet educational stories to children, teaching them a different virtue in each book. In Molly McBride and the Christmas Pageant, Molly learns all about the virtue of obedience. She has her heart set on taking the leading role of “Mary” in the Christmas pageant, only to learn she has been assigned the role of a sheep! Now, let’s be honest. That’s quite a letdown, if you ask me, especially when you think you deserve the leading role. Yet, we see as the story progresses how important it is for us to be obedient to authority.

Molly McBride Learns About Obedience

Molly’s teacher helps Molly see the need for obedience. The teacher shows Molly the manger and tells Molly about Mary. She explains what it was like for Mary at such a young age to say “yes” to God and become the mother of Jesus. Molly comes to understand how difficult it was for Mary to be obedient to God, while experiencing hardship. With this new knowledge, Molly comes to see the merit in obedience. She sees that it is pleasing to God. Molly humbly takes her role, with determination to be the best sheep ever!

Although Egolf focuses on the virtue of obedience in this tale, I also see the virtues of humility and unselfishness shining through in this book.  It takes humility to move from wanting the leading role to taking the role of a sheep. Molly also comes to see the reasoning for a certain classmate to take the role of Mary in the pageant. To move from sullenness, at not getting the role of Mary, to fully accepting the role of sheep, humility and unselfishness must be at play to master obedience.

Get Your Copy of Molly McBride and the Christmas Pageant

If you have a child, ages 5-8, for whom you would like to share entertaining, yet educational stories on virtue, then I highly recommend the entire Molly McBride series. Yet, Molly McBride and the Christmas Pageant would make an excellent Christmas present this year for those special children that you love. Get your copy by clicking here.

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