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Model of Obedience: Our Blessed Mother


Obedience, what does it really entail? Everyone always wants to know just how much we can get away with before we are deemed disobedient. Instead, how about giving some thought to what it means to truly obey God, with our free will fully exercised? Does that concept sound daunting? Well, Peter Kreeft offers an excellent definition of obedience to God while fully exercising our free will, and this quote gives me hope that I can be obedient to God:

Since our highest freedom means freedom to be ourselves, we are most free when we are most obedient to God’s will, which expresses His idea of us. Thus freedom and obedience coincide. To obey God is to be free in the most radical sense: free to be me, free from in-authenticity, free from false being, free from the alien within, not just free from the alien without, the oppressor. The answer to our question, then, is that “freedom to sin” is a self-contradictory concept. Sin is in-authenticity and freedom is authenticity; sin is our false self and freedom is our true self. Sin is part of Hell and freedom is part of Heaven. 1

This quote should give us cause to disband with the desire to see how much we can get away with; instead, shed our false selves, move away from sin, and become authentic and obedient children of God. Embrace freedom!

Mary, our Blessed Mother, exercised her free will to be who God desired her to be; her true self, ever holy, authentic and sinless. She is our model for obedience, depicted from the moment of her ‘fiat’, her yes, to becoming the Mother of God, to standing at the foot of the cross at her Son’s crucifixion, to the witness of her faith in assisting her Son in establishing His church. Mary is our model of obedience to God.

Yet, there is someone even more obedient than Mary, and we’ll discuss “Him” in our next reflection. Don’t miss it!


1 Kreeft, Peter. “Fourteen Questions About Heaven.” (Response to Question #7). Catholic Education Resource Center. 2010. Web. 30 July, 2015.

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