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May: The Month of Mary and Motherly Love

Motherly LoveWe have a long-honored tradition of dedicating May as a month to honor both Mary, our spiritual mother, and our earthly mothers. We set aside this time to specifically demonstrate our appreciation for motherly love.

Whether our earthly mothers are alive or have passed on, we express our eternal gratitude for their unconditional, self-giving love. My mom passed away 19 years ago. Yet, to this day, I express gratitude for all the sacrifices that my mom undertook for me.  Together, with my dad, my parents sacrificed a lot to ensure that I received the best chance at life. The same can be said for Mary, our spiritual mother. She sacrificed her own Son, watching Him die on the Cross, so that we might have eternal life.

Ways to Express Gratitude for Motherly Love

As we move through this month of May, how might you express your gratitude for the motherly love of both Mary and your earthly mother? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Pray the Rosary daily, asking Mary to take care of your mother’s soul.
  2. Do a good deed for someone else, expecting nothing in return, just like your mother did for you.
  3. Take a day trip, perhaps with your own mom, to a Catholic Shrine in honor of Mary.

Allow Mary to fill your soul with her motherly love. Share time with your mom (if she is still alive). Make a point of expressing your gratitude and love to both. Why? Because they both deserve your love, and they will never stop loving you, whether on this side, or in eternal life.

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