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Master the Virtue of Patience

Virtue of patienceEver sit at home waiting for the cable guy to appear? Or wait by the phone for medical test results to come in? Waiting is agony! As a very impatient person, I struggle at mastering the virtue of patience. Yet, we all must try practicing patience not only with others, but with ourselves.  In trying to follow my own advice, here are some suggestions for how to master the virtue of patience:

  • Think of how patient God is with you every day. How long has He waited for you to respond to His call?
  • Think about the agony of persecuted Christians willing to die for Christ. Then put your own agony into perspective. Know that God will give you only what you can handle and no more.
  • Trust in God, knowing that His plan for you is a good plan. No human can thwart God’s plan!
  • Be willing to let go and let God do His thing. Get out of His way and wait, all the while counting your blessings with a grateful heart!

So, when I must sit and wait for the cable guy to appear, or wait for those medical test results, or wait for any other reason, I try to apply these suggestions. When doing so, it makes the waiting more tolerable.

My Struggle to Master the Virtue of Patience

I recently had to put these suggestions into action when my spring project to re-grout my bathroom got derailed by a leak under the bathroom floor. Bottom line, we must tear up the ceramic tiled floor, and put in a new floor bed and new tile. Yes, I am down one bathroom for at least two months, because we first needed to:

  1. Diagnose the root cause of the problem,
  2. Contact our insurance company,
  3. File a claim,
  4. Obtain estimates,
  5. And schedule the work to be done.
  6. And now I wait to have the work done until the tile and materials are delivered.

Hmm… Apparently, God wants to give me every opportunity to master the virtue of patience. And He’s doing a very fine job at that!

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