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Martin Luther King Jr, A Man of Peace

Martin Luther King Jr. Today, in the United States, we celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. He was a loving father, and husband. Yet, most of us know of him as an influential preacher within the evangelical movement; a solider for Christ. King was a fighter for the underdog, as a Civil Rights leader of the 1960’s. He took Christ’s message to the streets, leading non-violent marches, seeking equality for all. This man truly understood what it meant to work for the common good of all. Today it seems that our leaders would rather work for the benefit of the elite, or few.

Who espouses the qualities of Martin Luther King Jr.  today?

I’m glad that we are remembering this man’s contributions to our society today, for I fear that his message of equality is quickly becoming lost on those in power, who have the ability and charge to work for the common good. Income inequality is skyrocketing. Racial inequality continues to plague our society. As in the 1960’s, we need voices like Martin Luther King Jr. to rise up today to speak for the underdog. Where is the courage today that we saw physically demonstrated by Martin Luther King Jr? Who has the ability to articulate the injustices present today, in the manner and demeanor exhibited by Martin Luther King Jr.?

A Prayer in Honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

Jesus, please send us someone who has the courage, compassion, understanding, wisdom, zeal, and peaceful countenance of Martin Luther King Jr. to help us all rise in defense of the downtrodden and forgotten. Give us hope that one day everyone “will be judged by the content of their character, and not the color of their skin.”

May Martin Luther King Jr. rest in Christ’s Peace. – Amen.

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