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Maintaining Faithfulness in Times of Distress

Maintaining FaithfulnessWhen we see so much violence, hatred and evil, we sometimes wonder where God is and why He allows such atrocities to happen. As a result, we find it difficult to trust God, let alone anyone else. We walk away from Him, feeling all alone. And when we walk away, it is because we lack faithfulness in a God who is always with us; a God who will never abandon us. Yet, if He is always with us, and never abandons us, then how can He let such horrific things occur? Whether it be the mass shootings that seem to occur daily, or the diagnosis of cancer that steals the life of those we love, it can be difficult to be faithful to God. Maintaining faithfulness, in such times, may seem absurd, but that is what we must do.

The Implication of Free Will

First, let me answer the question as to why God lets such atrocities and devastation occur. When we experience violence, hatred and evil, it is solely at the hands of humans. God does not bring these things upon us. Rather, He witnesses what we witness. He mourns as we mourn. He hurts with us. Now, think about it for a minute. God allows these things to happen because of the gift of free will given to man. If God took away our free will, so that only good things could happen, then we would not be free to choose to love rather than hate; to give rather than take; to do good rather than evil. Also, without free will, we could not choose to love God, or walk away. We would be robots.

When illness strikes, it is not some sort of punishment from God. It is a culmination of hereditary factors, as well as life choices and experiences that bring us to this point. Cancer hits for multiple reasons; many of which are out of our control. But know this: God doesn’t give you cancer.  Instead, He is there by your side to help you through the ordeal; to give you His strength; to heal your soul and maybe your body.

Maintaining Faithfulness

No matter what life throws at you, maintain faithfulness to a God who will never abandon you, who loves you immensely, and who waits for your love in return. Ask God for His assistance. Commit to His will for you, and then let go of your own will. May God’s Will be done!

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