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Luke Gabriel: The Back Story Behind the Scenes

Mr. Gabriel In Adventures of Faith, Hope, and Charity: Finding Patience, Mr. Luke Gabriel lives next door to his new neighbors, the Livingstone family. He is retired from corporate life, and a widower. To fill his spare time these days, he breeds Westminster Terriers. Why, you might ask? Because the loss of his dear wife left such a hole, that he attempts to fill that hole with the unconditional love from puppies. He has developed quite a passion for these dogs, and they are fun to have around an empty house.

When Faith, Hope, and Charity moved in next door, Mr. Gabriel was delighted. He loved having children around. Not only did he miss his beloved wife, but he also missed his son, daughter-in-law and grandson, Giles, who live on the other side of the country. Family gatherings were few and far between these days. So, having three little girls move in next door was a God-send to Mr. Gabriel. They brought life to an otherwise dreary world. Just watching the girls play with the puppies brings a smile to Mr. Gabriel’s face.

Luke Gabriel in future books

Luke Gabriel will play a pivotal role in subsequent books on the virtues. His name was created based upon the Angel Gabriel’s visitation to Mary in Luke’s Gospel, where the Angel Gabriel is a messenger. In my upcoming books, Luke Gabriel will be an example of virtue to the girls. In Finding Acceptance, (the next book), you will see Mr. Gabriel demonstrate the virtues of love, caring, kindness and compassion, as he takes in Giles and becomes his “guardian” as a result of the loss of Giles’ parents due to a car accident. Giles will be in a wheelchair in Finding Acceptance. This new book will address bullying and diversity, with the underlying message aimed at helping children accept not only themselves as God made them to be, but to accept others in the same fashion.

Stay tuned for more information on the status of Finding Acceptance.

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