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Love Remembered; Love Produces Good Fruits

Love Remembered Mom and DadToday would have been the 71st wedding anniversary of my parents, if they were still with me today. The veil between heaven and earth divides us, but the love remembered between my father and mother, and their mutual love for me remains in my heart.

My parents married shortly after my father returned from World War II’s European front in 1945. From their love first came my sister Joan, now a mother to two children and grandmother of four children. Then came my brother Ed, father to three children, and grandfather to one child. Next, my sister, Susan arrived, followed by me.

I tell you this to demonstrate that this love, a love remembered, between two people, is responsible for an additional fourteen people populating this earth! Love has a way of expanding as you give it away to someone else. Love does not contract, or subtract. It only multiplies.

Love Remembered Lessons

This love remembered taught me how to love my own husband of 37+ years. True love witnesses to the good and bad times. This type of love weathers every storm. I consider my parent’s love as my compass, as I journey through life. When I hit some hard times I just ask myself, “How would Mom and Dad handle this situation?’ I am fortunate to have such great examples to follow. I realize that not everyone is as fortunate as me to have such loving parents, with such a healthy environment to grow up in. Yet that shouldn’t stop you from trying to live a good life, filled with love.

Beyond loving parents, we have Jesus’s example to follow; to love others “as I have loved you” (John 13: 34). We also have Jesus’ mother Mary, a model for unconditional love for her Son and others. When confronted with a situation, that you are not quite sure how to handle, just ask “What would Jesus and/or Mary do?” Let them be your compass, for they will always direct you toward the path of virtue, and will never steer you wrong.

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