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Love is in the Air! Wedding Bells Ring!

Love is in the Air It is wedding season and love is in the air! In the United States, June is always a very popular month to get married. The weather is usually wonderful; the flowers are in bloom, and it’s a great time for family and friends to come together. Yet, marriage is more than a celebration.

What brings two people to the altar of marriage is a love formed by God; a uniting in a covenant; the giving of one, fully to another. Remember asking your mom, “When will I ever fall in love?” or asking a friend, “When will I find my soul mate?”

Loving any other person is always a choice; but falling in love, with your soul mate, that’s a whole different thing! That’s because of the role that God plays in bringing two specific people together. It is God who brings the two people together and places on their hearts a love for the other that can only be satisfied by saying “I do.” That kind of love is special and meant to be cherished. Why? Because,

What God has joined together, no human being must separate” (Matt 19:6).

Love Leads to Marriage

Marriage, created by God, is meant to be both unitive and indissoluble. These are the “properties” of marriage. The unitive aspect is the joining of two flesh, becoming one (Matt. 19: 5), where each spouse fully gives of themselves to the other – holding nothing back, even the possibility of bringing new life into the world. The indissolubility aspect occurs once the marriage has been consummated between baptized persons. Indissolubility recognizes marriage as permanent and stable, demanding fidelity. At this point God seals the covenant and no human can dissolve it. Therefore, no one should enter marriage lightly.

So, when you hear the wedding bells ring, know that God is at work, uniting two souls in Holy Matrimony. He is creating a marriage bond meant to bring joy, overcome obstacles, and elicit witnesses of His love.

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