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Lose Weight the Right Way

Lose weight

Lose weight at this time of year?

Yes, it can be done!

Lose weight the right way – this time for the right reasons and for good! It’s that time of year, when we are tempted to imbibe on eggnog and eat all sorts of baked goods. The temptations are everywhere you look: At the grocery store, on TV, in magazines; even in your own home.

Would you like to get through this holiday season and not gain weight? Maybe even lose a pound or two? If so, let me introduce you to the process I used to lose 60 pounds (over an 18 month period), and have managed to keep off for about a year now.

  1. Acknowledge to God that you have very little Prudence, Temperance, Self-Control and Patience in your virtues tool kit, and that you need a deposit of them from God. (You will need these virtues if you want to successfully lose weight over these next few weeks).
  2. Pray unceasingly for God to help you resist the tempting food and drink that passes before your eyes. You will quickly see that prayer helps and God answers.
  3. Seek a doctor’s advice on healthier food choices to input into your diet where you can still enjoy the holidays, but without the excessive calories. For example, hit the veggie tray rather than the cookie tray. Make prudent choices.
  4. Calories add up quickly. Track your calorie count daily and stick to staying within the limit prescribed by your doctor.

These are my tips on how you can actually lose weight over this holiday season. Follow these tips and both your body and spirit will thank you come the beginning of January, when you get to watch all of those weight loss and gym membership commercials on TV. Wouldn’t it feel great to have a leg up on that and really start the New Year off right? And think about how much you will have also grown in virtue! Here’s to a great holiday season (as I raise my glass of calorie free water to you)!

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