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“Living a Virtuous Life” Day Retreat

Living a Virtuous Life RetreatThis past weekend, I was honored to present my “Living a Virtuous Life” day retreat to my home parish. I have to admit, that I was nervous at first. I kept thinking about the biblical passage where Jesus wasn’t accepted within His own home town of Nazareth (Luke 4:14-30). Would my own parish family treat me the same? It wasn’t like I was claiming “Today this scripture passage is fulfilled in your hearing” (Luke 4:21), but I was proclaiming what we as followers of Christ need to do to become more Christ-like; more virtuous. I kept wondering, “why should I be treated any better than Jesus was treated?” If anything, I should be treated worse, because I don’t deserve the level of respect that Jesus deserved. He is God; I am a mere human servant.

Yet, Sunday was Pentecost Sunday; a day to celebrate when the Apostles received the power of the Holy Spirit. My pastor and I decided to give this retreat on the day before Pentecost, on purpose, noting it as a Pentecost retreat. So, I knew that the Holy Spirit was with me, and everything would be okay.

A few years ago, I received a calling from the Holy Spirit to become a public speaker on the Catholic faith. Jesus’ Truth needs to be spoken to every new generation. I have been called to be a vocal witness to the faith. I do it through this blog, through my speaking engagements, through my books, and as an adjunct professor of Theology.

Well, as soon as the day began, all concerns slipped away. The Holy Spirit took over and filled me with Fortitude, Courage, Hope and Love for all of the familiar faces looking at me. It turned out to be a day of blessings, with participants leaving enriched with information on how they can grow closer to Christ.

Bringing “Living a Virtuous Life” to You:

If you and your parish family want to learn more about the virtues, and how to grow closer to Christ, by living a virtuous life, then visit my Speaking Engagements page on this website for more information. It would be my honor to bring this presentation to you and your parish family.

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Photo taken by Nick Lieto.

2 Responses to “Living a Virtuous Life” Day Retreat

  • This retreat was informative, engaging, and most of all, encouraging! The depth of each virtue was exposed in a way that revealed its strength as an aid in our conversion to become more Christ-like. The virtuous life retreat provided food for thought and instruction for action. I am grateful for the love and willingness in which Virginia shared her talent with us.

    • Hi Beth:
      Thanks so much for your kind endorsement of the retreat. It warms my heart to know that you found it useful and helpful in your journey to grow closer to Christ. It was a wonderful day spent with old and new friends, like you! Thanks for attending and sharing your thoughts. Much appreciated! – Virginia

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