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Life’s Greatest Lesson – Book Review

Life's Greatest LessonIf you are looking for a quick read that sets your heart aglow, then you will want to pick up a copy of Life’s Greatest Lesson, by Allen R. Hunt.  We can all use a feel-good story every now and then, and this one is a winner! In this charming story, we meet 10-year-old Christopher Grace, the first-born grandson of Lavish Grace. Christopher, and his Grandpa, Tom Grace, tell us all about Lavish through various interactions and stories.

Grandma was one special lady. Her passing brought all kinds of people to her funeral. Throughout Lavish’s life, she poured love on everyone, exemplifying the virtues of love and generosity.

Life’s Greatest Lesson

Grandma Lavish lived by the credo and acronym LEGS:

  • Love all you can.
  • Earn all you can.
  • Give all you can.
  • Save all you can.

This wonderful story demonstrates one woman’s earnest efforts at living a Christ-like life. Lavish shows us all how to bless many more people. For, it is by loving all you can, that you are able give so much more to those in need, if you earn and save all you can.

Hunt does a superb job at writing this story from a 10-year-old’s viewpoint. I loved the little sidebars of distraction, in the telling of the story, so apropos of any 10-year-old! Hunt brings you right back, but those sidebars are precious!

Learn all you can about love and generosity from Grandma Lavish. Then, put her credo into practice within your own life. I can guarantee that if you do, you will live a happier life.

If you want an inspirational book to read to help you become more loving and generous, then get your copy of Life’s Greatest Lesson. You’ll be glad you did.

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