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Lies Equal Unforeseen Consequences

telling lies How easy it is to lie; sometimes for convenience; sometimes to hide bad behavior or embarrassment. When a person lies, he/she begins traveling down a slippery slope. The more a person lies, the further that person moves away from God.

Lying can easily become a nasty habit; a vice, an habitual sin. Lies lead to destruction of relationships with others. Most importantly, it deteriorates the relationship we each have with God. Rather than facing the truth, we see ourselves as we want to, and not as we truly are, in all reality. We even tend to believe the very lies we tell. We live with a false sense of self. We lose our very selves to the sinful behavior of lying.

Are you familiar with the quote from Scottish novelist, Sir Walter Scott, “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we first practice to deceive?” There is such “truth” in this quote. One little lie requires a cover-up with a bigger lie and before we know it, we’re in big trouble. We begin telling so many lies that we lose sight of the truth.

Telling lies means that we have no consideration for the person impacted by the lies. There is a lack of respect for the person. It also means that we lack the courage and confidence to tell the truth.

I once “had” a friend who turned out to be a habitual liar. Notice I used past tense to describe my relationship with this person.  That friendship deteriorated because of the lies told; not necessarily to me, but from the lies I observed her telling to her husband. If she was willing to lie to her own husband, wouldn’t you assume that she would lie to me too? Once discarded honesty enters the picture, on what foundation can any relationship rely? Trust dissipates.

Turning from the lies to the truth

There is so much one can lose by engaging in deceitful behavior. Yet, there is so much to gain by being truthful in word and action. By being truthful, you gain integrity; a good reputation. People will see you as reliable, honest, and trustworthy. Most importantly, you walk in the light of Christ, conformed to Christ. The truth sets you free; free from the tangled web; free from the sin of lying; free to become who you were meant to be.

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  • Great article! Unfortunately, I was never aware of the consequences of lying and I am now paying dearly for it in my marriage.

    • Hi Joe: So sorry that you are experiencing such trouble now. However, we are all on the journey. We all sin, and we all learn from our mistakes. Move forward in truth, knowing that Jesus is by your side.

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