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Lexie’s Adventure in Kenya: Love is Patient

Lexies Adventure in Kenya: Love is Patient Let me introduce you to Lexie Goodwin from Lexie’s Adventure in Kenya – Love is Patient, written by Susan G. Mathis, and illustrated by April Stark. Love is Patient is the first installment in a series of children’s books that Mathis and Stark plan to produce based upon 1 Corinthians 13.

This intended series uses a very interesting approach in teaching children, not only about the facets of love, but also about interacting with others, as well as about living in another part of the world. Lexie’s parents visit missionaries and assist them in their efforts. They bring their children, Lexie and Cori along for the adventure.

In Love is Patient, Mathis and Stark address bullying, a rather timely topic for today’s parenting. Lexie learns how to deal with a Kenyan boy who likes to taunt her. Her mom says, “Try to be patient and forgive him. He has a hard life,” then Lexie and her mom prayed together for the boy. When prayer doesn’t seem to work immediately, her mom reinforces the message with, “Having patience often means waiting to see what God will do.”

I won’t spoil the ending for you. I will say though, that the ending is very touching to the heart and worth the read. This is an excellent book to share with your children and grandchildren, ages 4-8, to teach them to be patient with love.

What is wonderful about this book is that you get more than just a story. At the back of the book is a page with discussion questions you can use with your children. It also has some fun activities to do.

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If you would like to get your own copy of Lexie’s Adventure in Kenya: Love is Patient, click here. If you enjoy Lexie’s Adventure in Kenya: Love is Patient, then be on the lookout for the second in the series, Lexie’s Adventure in Thailand: Love is Kind, and the third in the series, Lexie’s Adventures in Russia: Love Doesn’t Envy.

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