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Lent is a Week Away! Are You Ready to Make It Fruitful?

Fruitful Lent Can you believe it? Lent is only one week away! We’ve barely left the Christmas season, and we are about to walk the journey, with Christ, to Calvary. Are you prepared to enter the Lenten season? Are you ready to make the most of it?

Things You Can Do to Make Your Lent Fruitful

  1. Prayer: Make a point to set aside a few minutes each day to pray. If you have enough time to say a full Rosary, great! But, sometimes, the day gets away from us. So, a vow to say a single Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be is a commitment I think we all could easily make. Prayer is talking with God. He wants to hear from you!
  2. Fasting: At a minimum, make the effort to fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. By fasting, I mean a reduced breakfast and lunch, and a full dinner. No desserts! If you can do this on a set day of the week, once weekly during Lent, all the better! Fasting helps us to understand that without God, we are nothing. It is God who provides for us: our homes, our jobs, our food, everything!
  3. Almsgiving: Make a point to reach out to the less fortunate. Clean your closets and donate some clothes/goods to the poor. Donate your time, money and/or food to a food pantry. Volunteer for a ministry at your Church. Remember what Jesus said, “whatever you did for the least of these, my brothers, you did for Me” (Matt 25:40). Be charitable toward others.

Give, Rather than Give Something Up

Notice how I didn’t speak a word about giving any thought to what you should give up for Lent? That was deliberate. When we give of ourselves, we are more Christ-like. So, give of your time to prayer. Give of your will to God in fasting. And give from your heart in almsgiving. If you follow these tips, you will have a very fruitful Lent!

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4 Responses to Lent is a Week Away! Are You Ready to Make It Fruitful?

  • Hi Ginny,
    For Lent, I like to try to add more prayer. If I could I would try to attend daily Mass. I have a transportation problem. I also try to go to Stations of the Cross, but again I have no transportation. Maybe the Lord will find a way for me to attend the Stations. Several years ago a Pastor wanted more people to come to the Stations of the Cross and order three different sets of booklets following Mary voice as Our Lord takes his final journey very inspiring!

    • Hi Grace: Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Have you asked your Pastor if he knows of someone who might live near you who could give you a ride to and from church? At one of my old parishes, we had a Transportation Ministry, for folks like yourself. Perhaps that might be a good ministry for your church to start, if one does not exist already. At a minimum, it’s worth asking about. – Peace, Virginia

  • I have always done Prayer and Fasting during Lent. Almsgiving, to me, was not as significant as most of the time it was putting more money in the collection plate. I wanted to do something more. So 2 years ago, I began cleaning out for Lent. Beginning on Ash Wednesday, I would place 1 item in a box/bag to be donated to the St. Vincent dePaul organization. On each day in Lent, I would add one more item. Then after Easter Sunday, I would take my items to St. Vincent dePaul.
    This gave me the feeling that I had done more for Lent for others as well as getting some needed cleaning done for me.

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