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Lent Does Not Have to be a Dreary Time!

Lent Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. Many of us look at this period on the Church calendar as a time of suffering and deprivation. Lent has historically been synonymous with a desert experience of dryness; a sense of loneliness, as if God is on vacation somewhere else. This connotes a sense of negativity. Yet, Lent affords us so much more, if we are willing to open our minds, hearts and souls to the various opportunities that make the Lenten season special in a positive way.

Lent, a Season of Faith, Hope and Love

Lent can be a time of renewal and personal growth; a time for getting to know Our Savior much better by reading Scripture. We can use this precious season to reaffirm our faith in God, by placing all of our trust in Him. It is a season filled with hope; a hope in Christ’s promise to never leave us alone (Heb. 13: 5). During the Lenten season feel comforted by Christ’s presence. We can also use this time to show our love for Christ, by doing good deeds for others. Lift another’s burden. Put a smile on the face of someone who struggles just getting through the day. Pray for the living and the dead.

What Will You Make of this Lent?

Make this Lenten season a season of positivity. By doing so, you will find yourself growing spiritually, in a lasting way; growing closer to Christ. You will find yourself appreciating this season much more than in the past. Rather than being a season of deprivation, your mind, heart and soul will be open to the numerous graces that Christ wants to bestow upon you. What type of graces am I speaking about? This Lent look forward to receiving Christ’s love, mercy, forgiveness and peace. Do something positive for your own spiritual growth this Lent. Then, on Easter Sunday morning, your mind, heart and soul will be filled with Christ’s joy!

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