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Kingdom of Happiness, by Fr. Jeffrey Kirby – Book Review

Kingdom of Happiness I was graced to receive Kingdom of Happiness, by Fr. Jeffrey Kirby S.T.D., as a Christmas present from my church, in appreciation for my volunteer efforts. I thought, “what a nice idea.” I’m a big fan of Fr. Kirby, having read his last book, Doors of Mercy. So, receiving Kingdom of Happiness seemed like a nice gesture to me. It turned out to be more than a nice gesture. It was a God-incidence! You see, I’ve been looking for a good book to share with you, one with lots of virtue built into it. As always, Fr. Kirby never lets me down!

Embracing the Beatitudes brings the Kingdom of Happiness to Our Doorsteps

In Kingdom of Happiness, Fr. Jeffrey Kirby not only tells us about the eight Beatitudes, but he masterfully connects the dots of each beatitude, to:

  • An aligned phrase from the Our Father,
  • A specific Gift of the Holy Spirit that we received at Confirmation,
  • The corresponding virtue, AND
  • The antithesis of that virtue, or as Fr. Kirby calls it, the anti-beatitude (the capital sin that is in direct opposition to the virtue).

Let’s take the first Beatitude as an example: “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven” (Matt 5:3). In the chapter on this first Beatitude, Fr. Kirby tells us that this Beatitude aligns with the phrase from the Our Father that reads, “Hallowed be thy name.” The Gift of the Spirit is “Fear of the Lord.” The corresponding virtue is Temperance, and the anti-beatitude is pride. He relays all of this information through the use of real-life stories. What a wonder way to weave Scripture, Divine Grace, prayer, and virtue, together in one place!

In this gem of a book, Fr. Kirby also gives us specific prayers that we can recite at the end of every chapter. These prayers help us grow in virtue. Within every chapter. he also enlightens us with an Examination of Conscience, to aid us in deciphering where we fall short in God’s eyes, as it relates to the Beatitude discussed. Folks, you can’t go wrong with this book; not if you want to find true happiness in this life.

Is Kingdom of Happiness for You?

I highly recommend this insightful book as a definite read for anyone who wants to be more Christ-like; to follow in Jesus’ Way; to understand the Beatitudes and their relationship to virtue; and to learn how to eliminate the anti-beatitudes from your life.

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