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Kindness is Sorely Lacking These Days

Kindness 1Kindness is sorely lacking these days. Why are we so mean to each other? Whether it is on social media, in the news, or face-to-face, we see meanness everywhere. What does meanness do for the human psyche? Nothing good, whether you are the deliverer or the receiver! The deliverer of the meanness comes across as angry, hate-filled, resentful and/or vindictive. The recipient is humiliated and abused. Meanness serves no good purpose.

The human person was created with a yearning for happiness.  The source of all happiness is God. Therefore, the human person yearns for God. So, how does anyone think that the way to happiness is via a snarky comment on Facebook or Twitter, or a jab at another in an op-ed piece, or an outright slander against another person? Folks, we are better than this!

Find Kindness Today

Remember the old saying, “What goes around comes around?” Well, if you do not want a snarky comment hurled your way, be kind with your comments on social media. If you do not want others speaking ill of you, then speak kindly of others. As for the media, we cannot control what they do, other than to not subscribe to their trash-talking by changing the channel or picking up a different source of print news.

Start spreading some kindness by choosing to be kind. Do a good deed for someone else. Give of your time, talent and treasure to those who cannot repay you. Let your kindness spread like good ripples and maybe, just maybe, we can decrease the amount of meanness in our society. It all starts with you and me.

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4 Responses to Kindness is Sorely Lacking These Days

  • I agree that kindness is lacking these days. It seems that so many people can’t even extend common courtesy. retail clerks ignore you, servers in restaurants have a sarcastic attitude, people get angry when you are too slow or too fast, sometimes even smiling at someone gets you a dirty look. Ask a question and they answer as if you are stupid as a rock for not knowing the answer. My husband and I try to be patient, courteous and kind when we can in hopes of reaching at least one person, but sometimes it is so difficult.

  • I have a couple of counter examples. Recently arrived in Ottawa (Canada) I took the public transport. As I was preparing to put in the fare, the driver said, smiling, “Sir, the bus is free on Wednesdays” -Welcome to Ottawa! A few days later I found myself standing on a very crowded bus. After a few minutes someone tapped me on the back, and there was a smiling young woman (college student?) offering me her seat. Again, welcome to Ottawa! So there are nice people out there.

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