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Keep the Faith! Have Hope!

Keep the faithWith only being able to attend Church services online, does this weakens one’s faith? Or, does this cause us to look deeper to keep the faith? Perhaps you might like to chime in, by using the comments section to share the impact of online services on you and your loved ones. I know for myself, that I crave the Eucharist, and will no longer take it for granted. I truly miss receiving Jesus weekly. Since I cannot receive the Real Presence in the Eucharist, I now look for other ways to keep the faith, in addition to attending Mass via online services.

Keep the Faith: Read Scripture

Although I cannot currently receive the Eucharist, God can nourish me with His Word. Reading scripture, more often, engages me in deep discussions with God.  And that is a good thing!

Pray More Often

I find myself praying more often, since there are so many people and causes that need prayers. Again, this engages me in deeper discussion with God, as prayer is conversation between the person praying and God.

Have Hope

We can’t lose hope, especially hope in Christ Jesus. We need to believe that God will show us the way out of this crisis. He has a plan. We need to believe that He will see us through and bring about brighter days.

Dear Lord: In this time of crisis, take our hands and lead us out of the darkness, into the light of your truth. Give us hope for better days ahead, knowing that You are always with us and will never leave us. We ask for this in Your Holy Name. Amen.

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