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Jesus Asks: What Have You Been Arguing About?

What have you been arguing aboutIn today’s Gospel reading, we see Jesus conduct an exorcism of an evil spirit from a young boy.  But, before He performs the exorcism, He takes note of the people arguing among themselves.  He asks the crowd, “What have you been arguing about?” (Mark 9:16). We’ll never know, because the father of the young man interrupts, asking Jesus to heal his son. Jesus finds more importance in the healing of the young man as compared to  the crowd’s argument with the scribes. He addresses the father’s plea and drops any discussion of His question.

What Have You Been Arguing About?

Imagine if Jesus came for the Second Coming and asked us what we have been arguing about? How would we respond? We would have to answer with the following:

  1. We’ve been arguing about the definition of truth. We each see things differently and fail to acknowledge facts and objective truth.
  2. There has been much argument in the political arena, with everyone taking sides, unwilling to listen to the other, and therefore, no problems get resolved.
  3. We have moral disagreements about things like abortion, same-sex marriage, and civil rights.

Let’s face it folks. We like to argue about everything. We are far from a united people all worshiping the One, True God. Jesus expects more from us.  If we acknowledged facts and objective truth, then we wouldn’t argue about the definition of truth. Also, if we were to listen more to those whose opinions differ from our own, maybe, just maybe, we might enlighten ourselves to see that there is more than one way to achieve a result.  And lastly, if we were to follow Jesus’ teachings and enact laws that aligned with God’s Natural Law, then we would not need to argue about what is morally right. We would know what to do in accordance with God’s will. If we would do all these things, we would be a much happier people.

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