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Jesus Asks: What are You Thinking in Your Hearts?

thinking in your heartsIn Luke 5:22, Jesus asks the Pharisees, “What are you thinking in your hearts?” It is a rhetorical question, as Jesus knew quite well what the Pharisees were thinking; what the Pharisees believed. It is here, in the Gospel of Luke where we read of the historical event of Jesus physically healing the paralytic, and spiritually healing his friends.

The room, in which Jesus was teaching, was so crowded that the paralytic’s friends could not get him inside. Yet, they knew that if they could somehow get their paralytic friend in front of Jesus that Jesus would heal him. Their faith in Jesus was great. So, the friends dropped the man into the room from the roof! “When He saw their faith, He said,As for you, your sins are forgiven’”(Luke 5:20). Jesus knew that the Pharisees did not recognize Jesus as God, and that they believed only God can forgive sins. But, for the friends and the paralytic, they knew otherwise.

How often do we fail to recognize God’s presence in our lives? How weak is our faith? Are we more like the Pharisees? Or, are we more like the faith-filled friends and the paralytic? I would like to think I am more like the friends. However, there are days when I act more like the Pharisees. It is in those instances when I fret and worry, I lack faith in Jesus.

What are You Thinking in Your Hearts?

In this story, Jesus call us to ‘think with our hearts;’ to believe with all our beings that Jesus has our backs! He is ready to grace us with the gift of faith in Him. Jesus asks us to trust in Him. I don’t think it was coincidental that the man who needed healing was a paralytic.Think about that for a minute. A paralytic has minimal movement capabilities and cannot do much on his own. Without Jesus, each of us can do nothing, just like the paralytic. But with Jesus, all things are possible. With Jesus, our faith can move those mountains of obstacles that stand in our way.

Have faith! Trust! Move mountains!

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