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It’s Time for Temperance!

Time for TemperanceIn my last post, I related my reasons for gaining weight this past year. Now, as my ankle completely heals, it’s time to get serious about losing the weight. Increasing my walking will help me to lose weight, but that alone will not do the trick. I also need to stop eating the sweets! What better time to lose weight, than when we turn the page on the calendar? Or, for me, as my ankle completely heals. I have no more excuses, other than I lack Temperance.  Therefore, it’s time for Temperance, as well.

We start each new year with hope. If I ever hope to get out of the sweatpants, and back into my clothes, then I need to call on God to give me some Temperance. I know that I cannot stop eating the sweets on my own, as sugar is so addictive. I need the strength of Christ to assist me in my endeavor to lose the weight. And while He’s indulging me with Temperance, a smidgen of Prudence could go a long way, too! Maybe with some Prudence, I could harness the Temperance, and succeed at losing the weight. With Prudence and Temperance, I could choose the healthier food options. Couple that with some exercise, like walking, and I know I will be traveling down the right path.

It’s Time for Temperance for You, Too!

For what reason might you seek the need for Temperance? Perhaps you have a sugar addiction like me, or maybe you need to step away from something else. Whatever your reason, first seek Christ to assist you. With Jesus, we can conquer our passions – even the passion for sweets! Reach out to Him and get started – with prayer. He will give you what you need.

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