Evangelizing through the Catholic Arts

4 Responses to Inspirational quote from Saint Catherine of Siena

  • Hi Virginia – I am going to post this without the word “Saint” – it’s 95% non-catholic Christians that read my posts and it’s best to just leave it off. It’s a lesson I learned early on – to accent our common beliefs and leave our differences aside – our differences have been discussed for centuries – I don’t want to alienate anyone.

  • Excellent quote. It is sad but I agree with Charles’s comment. We must bring people to Christ gently., just like Jesus did with His disciples on the road to Emmaus: He took them from where they were to where they should be. Keep up the good work, Virginia.

    • Another reason why I sent out the survey for all readers to complete. I need to find out where everyone else is on the journey and find that middle ground for crafting my posts, so that I meet everyone where they are at.

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