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Inner Peace – Within Your Grasp

inner peaceInner peace shines forth from the depths of our souls when we embrace the Divine Indwelling of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, residing within us. We only need to look inward to find Christ’s peace, for Jesus is our Peace (Eph. 2:14). When we allow Jesus to work within us, to free us from worry, anxiety, stress and concern, we begin to replace the negativity with Christ’s Peace. We come to understand that God is in control and will provide for us, as well as protect us. We become calmer, in appearance. People look at us and want the same for themselves, because everyone continually searches for peace.

Inner Peace Produces Good Ripples

Inner peace elicits other fruits of the Holy Spirit like love, joy and kindness which ultimately, when shared with others, give others a greater degree of happiness. Such virtues attract others; people draw innately toward the good. Therefore, inner peace produces good ripples. Love spreads love. Joy spreads joy, and peace spreads peace. All of this increases one’s happiness. That is why we cannot contain inner peace. It exudes from us, meant to be shared.

When we allow our own inner peace to shine as a beacon for others, we begin to make a positive impact on our families, communities and society; where increased respect and trust occurs on all levels, but especially within the family. As our inner peace moves outward toward the community, we act in the world to alleviate the suffering of others through acts of love and kindness. It is through these acts that we witness to others how they can obtain inner peace for themselves. Our behavior, contagious as it is, draws people to Christ. By our actions,we encourage others to look within, to make the necessary changes to obtain Christ’s Peace; to act in accordance with Christ’s will toward others. Good ripples!

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