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Implications of Faith – Trusting God

Trusting God Faith is a wondrous gift from God, as well as our assent to believe and trust in Him. Yet, trusting God does not always come so easily for any of us. However, if we are willing to place all of our trust and faith in God, we can expect the following:

Knowing God’s Greatness and Majesty 1 

Just think about the intricacies of how the human body works; all of its parts interacting with each other; the ability to procreate. Think about the different seasons and resulting regeneration of plant life that gives us air to breathe and food to eat. Then, think of the universe and its size; all of the stars and planets revolving around the sun. All of this was at one point, in what we call time, created from nothing by God for us!!! The imagination He must have is mind-boggling! His overall grand plan for Heaven and earth, contrasted with the ability to give attention to every little detail that concerns our lives is incomprehensible to the human person. He not only can fathom a universe and all its intricate parts, He also knows how many hairs we each have on our heads (Luke 12:7)! How awesome is our God!

Living in Thanksgiving 2

With faith, one tends to not take things for granted, because it is through the eyes of faith that we see how God works in our lives. It is His hand at work on our behalf. With faith, one is thankful for having been given life, food on the table, clothes on our backs, shoes on our feet, and a place to rest at night. We are thankful for good health, employment, education and opportunity. We are thankful to love and be loved.

Knowing the Unity and True Dignity of All Men 3

With faith, we come to understand that we are all made in the image and likeness of God. We are all brothers and sisters with the same Almighty Father. We are unified as one family – the human race. With faith, we understand the need to respect others, as we would wish to be respected. We, therefore, recognize a need to embrace the dignity of life as well as diversity.

Making Good Use of Created Things 4

With faith, we use created things only in accordance with God’s plan, and we distance ourselves from those things that will create a divide between us and God. For example, we eat only enough food to sustain us, avoiding excess (sin of gluttony). We also conserve energy and water to safeguard the planet. We refrain from activity that will harm the planet.

Trusting God in Every Circumstance 5

With faith, we will find that we can handle circumstances of adversity with less stress, because we know, through faith, that God is in control. Therefore, we no longer feel like we must be the one in control. Rather, we come to realize that we are part of a bigger, divine plan. Each one of us has a purpose.

Since God could create everything from nothing, I think we’re in good hands with Him managing the respective plans for our own lives. With that in mind, I say, trusting God is a fine way to give our own assent to Faith.

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  • By now you can probably tell that my faith is my life. The education that I received in working on my Masters in Pastoral Theology has resulted in an increase of faith, because I now better understand the teachings of my faith. I am better able to connect the dots between the teachings and the practice of faith.

    Personally, I’ve moved from working in the secular world, driven by money, power and greed, to working for God directly, where I receive insight, peace and joy. It was a good move for me, all based upon a “leap of faith.”

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