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Impatience Solves Nothing!

ImpatienceI think impatience must be at an all-time high for just about everyone these days, as we deal with the impacts of the coronavirus. How soon will we have a vaccine? How long before we can resume our lives as we once remembered them? Will life ever be “normal” again?  These questions are valid, and everyone wants the answers to them. But impatience solves nothing! We need to give the scientists the time needed to develop an efficacious vaccine. Otherwise, we will be back in the boat we are in now.

Impatience Solves Nothing

The only thing that impatience does is make us unhappy. So, right there that should tell us all that impatience does not come from God, because God is all good. He only wants us to be happy. Impatience is the work of the devil, trying to convince us that if we yell and whine louder, that somehow our desired results will come sooner. What folly!

Patience, on the other hand, enables a person to endure elongated suffering with a graceful heart, all while maintaining one’s composure and self-control. Patience enables us to wait for something to happen in God’s time. Therefore, patience is a good thing, a virtue, that comes from God.

Pray for Patience

We could all use a bit more patience. So, let us pray together that God graces us with this virtue, so that we can better weather this storm called the coronavirus. Here is a prayer that I wrote for the back of my children’s book on patience. I think we adults could pray it as well:

Dear Jesus:

Please give me patience!

Please help me to wait for the things I want.

Help me to want what You want for me.

I ask for this in Your Holy Name.



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