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I’m Tired of the Violence and Can’t Take Much More

Tired of the Violence With all of the violence experienced recently, I am at the point where I can’t take much more. Although far removed from the direct impact of the violence, I am nonetheless negatively impacted. I can only imagine the nightmare for those experiencing the loss of their loved ones. My heart goes out to the survivors and family members of gun violence. Like them, I’m tired of the violence.

One Sunday, after the ambush of police officers in Baton Rouge, and wall-to-wall coverage on cable news,  I found myself looking for some kind of escape on TV. I wound up watching a slapstick comedic episode of the Monkees from the 1960’s! Then I moved over to watch the Hallmark channel, showing Christmas movies in July. This reaction to the latest news reminds me of my behavior shortly after 9/11, when I turned to I Love Lucy for comfort. I cherish and miss the days when life seemed simpler; when people respected each other, and life seemed more normal.

All of this violence creates a negative effect on my moods. I get easily agitated and concerned. How about you? What kind of effect is all of this violence having on you? I find myself praying for peace – a lot! I cannot understand why people use guns to solve their problems. Doing so doesn’t solve any problems; killing people only creates new problems.

I’m Tired…

…of listening to the NRA say that “it isn’t guns who kill people, it’s people who kill people.”

…of seeing our “do-nothing Congress” do nothing.

…of seeing President Obama give the same speech at every memorial service, and nothing positive comes from it.

I certainly do not know the answer to this problem. However, I urge you to join me in praying for peace.This problem is way too big for us humans to solve, even though we brought it all on ourselves. We need the Lord’s intercession and intervention. We need His Peace.

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8 Responses to I’m Tired of the Violence and Can’t Take Much More

  • This is a spiritual problem. No gun control law can prevent a person bent on such violence from getting a gun. Those folks do not comply with any law. You are right, Ginny, the answer lies in prayer. I certainly will join you in praying for peace and conversion of hearts, minds and souls.

  • I turned off the news 2 years ago. I watch EWTN Nightly News for one half hour day and get the Catholic perspective. I just went to a retreat weekend with Father Chad Ripperger on the Diabolical principles. Look him up on the internet and watch his many YouTubes. Stay in the sacraments and they are the answer to our modern-day woes. Mary

  • I completely agree with Michael gun control is not the answer. Just look at Chicago the strictest gun laws and the state with the most gun violence. The NRA is not to blame. It is people who kill. The government can’t fix it only God can.

  • We are in the midst of spiritual warfare. In my opinion, there are two things we can utilize in our everyday lives which might assist all of us. First, let’s all really focus on living our lives as disciples of Christ. The impact we can make upon others through our actions and examples would be immense. Secondly, let’s make use of our spiritual warfare prayers. We have the ability to protect ourselves, our families, and the world’s societies by invoking the powerful name of Jesus Christ and the Angels. Dark cannot exist where there is Light!

    • Love your comment! Hey! Who’s teaching who here? For anyone who might not know, Rob is one of my students at St. Joseph’s College of Maine. Nice of you to stop by and visit my website Rob. Much appreciated!

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