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If You Lived in Afghanistan…

Sarah Abraham lived in a small village outside Kabul, Afghanistan with her two young boys, Jeremiah and Amos. She had lost her husband in a gunfire attack two months ago. Now, she was alone, and five months pregnant with a third son. However, the stress of living as a Christian in war-torn Afghanistan weighed heavy on her mind. As a result, while walking to the marketplace one sunny morning, she felt sharp pains and became weak.

Sarah lost her child that day due to a miscarriage. The ensuing grief would be nothing compared to the persecution that she would receive, once the men in the village learned that an Afghanistan male child would not be born. All blame would rest at her feet. How would she survive, to care for her two remaining sons?


Afghanistan and Faith: Dealing with Reality

Sarah knew that to get through this ordeal, prayer was the answer. She began praying with all that she had in her, seeking God’s Divine Providence to come to her aid. Sarah knew that she could not address this situation on her own. Yet “with God all things are possible” (Matt 19:26). Sarah’s faith in Christ’s protection was deep and abiding. She knew that God would provide a way to safety for her and her two sons; for God always provides what we need.

As Sarah laid in the hospital bed praying, a priest stopped by to visit and console her. She expressed her concern to him. The priest offered to help relocate Sarah and her sons to safety. Sarah knew her prayers had been answered through the actions of this beloved priest.

How strong is your faith? Do you place all your hope in Christ, as Sarah did? Do you ask God for His Divine assistance? If not, today would be a good day to start.


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