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I Never Stop Missing My Dad

my dadToday marks the 20th anniversary of the passing of my father. I never stopped missing my dad over these past twenty years. He was a quiet man of little words, but when he did speak, I would listen.

I learned at a young age, to not ask for my dad’s opinion, unless I really wanted it. You see, he kept things to himself, unless asked. I remember writing a fifth-grade essay, for which I was very proud of my efforts; so proud, that I asked my father to read it and tell me what he thought. Of course, he would love it because I thought it was so good. NOT! Oh, did he give me an earful of commentary. Humbly, I went away making the corrections. I don’t remember the grade for that essay, but I do remember the value I placed upon my father’s opinions. I treasure them. My dad’s words of wisdom greatly impacted my life. Today, I am a published author and editor of self-published manuscripts.

My Dad and His Words of Wisdom

From fifth grade on, I listened well to my father, and took his words of wisdom to heart, and they have served me well. May they do the same for you:

  • As a teenager, I got my very first credit card. When it arrived, my dad said, “Never purchase more, on a credit card, than what you can pay for, when the bill comes in the next month.” Today, I have an excellent credit rating thanks to that advice.
  • When Nick and I got engaged, my dad poetically toasted, “May the diamond always shine.” By this statement he meant, may our love always be a shining example to others. That statement was made 42+ years ago. The diamond still shines! Last month, we stood before a church filled with people at a Sunday Mass and renewed our wedding vows. We witnessed to the power of love and 40 years of marriage. For that moment, we were the shining example for others.
  • In 1999, as my dad laid on his hospital bed, in serious condition, I flew home to NJ to see him. He was never one to say ‘I love you” very often. Instead, he showed it in other ways. Yet, on this night that I visited him, he spoke those words repeatedly to me. I remember it like it was yesterday. By the next morning, he had been intubated, and would never speak another word to me. For those three little words to be the last words you hear from someone you love, as much as I love my dad – that is priceless! With his last words, he taught me to never waste a moment telling a loved one, “I love you.”

Life’s Lessons Bring Wisdom

May the wisdom of my dad benefit you as much as it has done for me. And pray that a smidgen of his wisdom rubbed off on me, as I continue to share Christ’s message with you.

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