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There is a Hunger for Virtue!


A Hunger for Virtue

This coming Saturday, February 20, 2016 marks the second anniversary of my website, blogging about the virtues! Several of you share parts of your own journey with me, and by doing so encourage me to continue with this ministry. You definitely have a hunger for virtue! I enjoy hearing from you. I love bringing the virtues to you, helping you grow closer to Christ. I hope, in turn, that you share this information with others, to help them grow closer to Christ too. I also hope that you impart your new found wisdom on your children. It’s called a positive rippling effect. Let the ripples flow!

Here are a few interesting tidbits that I thought you might like to know, as we have traveled this journey together. Although I like to maintain that personal touch in building one-on-one relationships, this website is more than just a “you and me” relationship:

  • Over the past year, the number of followers increased 140%, and average monthly visits increased 220%! You warm my heart every time you share and/or comment on my posts.
  • 18% of the people who come to my website are from outside the United States, and this number is steadily growing. People from England, France, Spain, Russia, Canada, and down under from Australia visit on a regular basis. I also hear from people in Italy, India and from several countries in Africa from time to time. The virtues are universal; across the world and across religions – something we hold in common as one big family.

These few statistics prove to me that there is a hunger for virtue! We are all brothers and sisters in Christ; we are family! Every time I go to Mass I specifically pray for each of you. As we enter year three together, I ask for your prayers, that the Holy Spirit guides my words for your best interest. Happy Anniversary! And please, maintain that hunger for virtue!

Christ’s Peace,


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