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How to Seek Contentment When Feeling Discontent

seek contentmentHave you ever given much thought to the cause of your discontent? Might it stem from jealousy, where you wish you had what others have?  Or perhaps, it stems from despair, as a result of a loss of hope. When feeling discontent, it’s time to seek contentment. How so?

Steps to Seek Contentment

Step 1: Start by taking stock of all your blessings. I start each day thanking God for my husband, our faith, hope and love for each other, for our good health, and the list goes on. You get the point. Count your blessings. Gratitude has a way of lifting your spirits.

Step 2: Stop looking at life through the lens of your neighbor and open your own eyes! See all that is good in your life. Perhaps your gifted talents give joy to others. Use your talents, for the benefit of others, and see the smiles.

Step 3: Understand the difference between wants and needs. Address the needs, but detach yourself from the wants. Wanting what others have, just because they have it, will never make you happy. But getting what you need will bring contentment.

Situational Discontent

Sometimes, there are situational events that result in discontent. It’s at times like these, that we need to pay close attention to what God might have in mind for us. He uses these situations to prod us in a different direction. For example, back in 2011, I experienced much discontent with my job. After 24 years in Audit (36 years overall in banking), it was time for me to make a change. First, I took stock of my blessings. Second, I discerned my talents that could be used elsewhere. Third, I stopped trying to excel in Corporate America because everyone else was doing it, and I sought what I needed – education that would enable me to evangelize on the faith.

Today, eight years later, I can say, unequivocally, that I am content! Why? Because I am doing what God called me to do. When we answer His call, He supplies great quantities of contentment. So, if you feel discontent, seek contentment.

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